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Creating leaders within their industry.

We have never settled to be the industry standard.. Rather we like to set the bar high and that is why we utilize the most advanced technology in digital marketing to lead the industry (and we know people always claim that but really… It does not get better than this).

Every advertising bid, every piece of content, and every campaign is carefully crafted to give you the greatest return on your investment.

Automating your business is our thing, running day to day operations is yours… And it just got a whole lot easier. Read through our services list and we are sure to find a fit that will bring you increased revenue the smarter way.

We use programmatic advertising which allows us to offer the cheapest and most cost efficient bids on your impressions.  Meaning we get to choose which impressions we would like to buy rather than letting Google decide.  In return we only pay for moments we know are landing in our target audience.

First we make sure your Facebook pixel is properly set up on your website.  Once we can track that data we utilize it to effectively run ads to your target audience and look alike audiences.  Here we generate extra engagement to your page as well as directing traffic to your sales page.

Geofence Device ID Targeting is one of the most DIRECT ways you could place your ad in-front of your ideal customer.  Imagine for a moment you have a direct birds eye view of your city.  You can see every building or park from above.

Now… while knowing who your ideal customer is, imagine if you could draw a big red outline around each of the locations they may shop at or visit.  Could be 10 locations, could be 30 locations there’s no limit.  This red outline you drew is so specific it only includes the building or parking lot.  Within this outlined location these ideal customers, once visiting the location, can now receive your promotional ads for the next 30 days.  

We call these digital “red” outlines geofences and they capture the cellular phone IDs of the people who visit our geofence locations so we can later serve them competitive offer advertisements.  This method is so powerful it makes sense now why you receive certain cellular notifications at such a “convenient” time.  It is all within the technology of geofencing.

Focusing on your SEO is important and is sometimes seen as a process but it shouldn’t go unnoticed.  With an advanced team of copywriters and backlink sourcing we make it our priority to place you high in the Google ranking system so your business is shown first thing in a Google search. We increase reviews while increasing page rank ensuring you more organic traffic than ever before.

Lead Generation Funnels, Sales Funnels, Automated Phone Calls, List Building, we do it all.  When choosing any of these methods, they will be leads specific to your niche of business and not shared leads.

Primarily focusing on Instagram & Facebook, we take full control of both social media profiles to grow, post, and reach your audience while building a community around your brand.  It is highly common for each one of our social media accounts to grow a minimum of 5,000-10,000 followers per month, increasing engagement, and increasing Facebook page likes.  We work with chatbots and different fun tools to keep your audience engaged.

With access to over 100 million emails in our database it is easy to narrow down an email list within your area of business to create a blast email campaign leading to sales or warm leads to follow up with.  We scrape and verify these emails every month to ensure every email is an authentic email address.

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The Devision is a one stop shop for all of your digital marketing needs. We have a carefully selected team that allows us to cover every specialty within the advertising and marketing field. 

To learn more about how we can implement ourselves into the future success of your business book a free consultation call.

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the devision, marketing, powerhouse, digital, programmatic, advertising, seo, search engine, search engine optimization, devision marketing, google advertising, lead generation,